I was strolling through my Instagram feed and came across a sponsored page which truly caught my attention. It said “What’s your word?” I was intrigued, so I clicked the link, and as I read through the site, I knew I had to define my year of travel.

What is my word…“Wanderlust” just didn’t describe it and “Fernweh” didn’t cut it; these are words every travel spirit knows, so I dug a little deeper. I did an internet search for “travel words” and I came across an interesting website. Approximately a quarter of the way through the page, there it was:

Strikhedonia” (originating from Greek), definition: The pleasure of being able to say “to hell with it”


It not only described the openness I wish to embrace while on the road, it also relays the pleasure I feel in leaving my current life behind.

I have many people tell me  “I’m so jealous” or “I wish I could do that”. The truth is, you can. It’s a conscience decision, a passion, a desire. The Universe is conspiring to give you anything you want, as long as you “ask, believe, receive” (It’s The Secret!). As my grandpa used to say “[…] ain’t goin’ nowhere. It’ll be here when you get back.” (He’s from Georgia, if you didn’t catch that). It’s ok to leave home because home will always be there when you need it, and although it usually doesn’t change, after an adventure, you’ll realize you have.

Whatever you journey may be, define it. What’s your word?


Why am I talking about…



Travel has given me pleasure, peace, and sanity. Eight years ago, I lost my job and was unemployed for almost 2 years (I was a financial planner), and I realized I wasn’t likely to find a job anytime soon. I started renting my spare room on this “new” site, and I began to meet travelers from all over the globe. Being the social butterfly that I am, I would show my guest around Miami and they would tell me stories of their homeland. I started to get a yearning to visit, like I should have seen these places long ago (the Germans call it Ferweh). Next came, Couchsurfers, many friends kept talking about them and I constantly met them, but didn’t really grasp the concept, until one drunkin’ Miami night, I sat down on the beach with a cute Croatian girl who enlightened me, and over night, I decided to sell everything and backpack through Europe.

My three month backpacking trip started in London and ended in Italy, with a Sensation White Party thrown in there somewhere. It was fun, and lonely, and sexy, and scary and sad, and funny and….it was worth it!

When I returned (1/6/11), I started to look for a job in my field. I sat in front of the computer and went on and started sending out my resume and within an hour I knew I couldn’t go back to an office job, plus I wanted fast cash because I came back and had $4 in my bank account. I had heard many a times that I would make a great server, so craigslist is where I went and clicked food/bev/hosp. The next day I had an interview and the day after that, I had a job. I have been serving and bartending for the last 6 years and I have loved every second of it and I thank traveling for that, and now…I’m depending on this next trip to show me my new path (although, I may come back and realize Bartending was perfect for me!). Travel life matters to me because it gave me life, it give me a new outlook and made me realize there are no rules to this life.

I started this blog because I want to take you on this journey with me and I hope that I can inspire one person, more particularly, one female to throw caution to the wind because there may be a glorious adventure waiting for you!

What am I talking about?


In a time where everyone is saying black lives, and blue lives, or all lives matter, I can only think of one life that matters to me, travel life. Don’t worry, this will not be some political blog and I am not taking a stand against or for anything, except traveling, because I believe traveling gives perspective, patience, experience and consideration which could erase a lot of the hate that is currently at boiling point here in the States.

I have been lucky to have some amazing travel experiences, my most recent trip took me to Thailand, The Land of Smiles, and it truly was. I smiled a lot, mainly because everything was so cheap. It had been 6 years since I’d left the country and being there made me sick…I caught the travel bug and it has burrowed its way into my soul.


So! It’s time to get back out there to seek and explore the beauty of the world. I have decided to spend one year, or how ever far my money can take me, out in the world. I will start in Lisbon and end somewhere in Mexico. I decided to start this blog for two reasons, one, so my friends and family won’t be too worried about me in places where wi-fi is lacking, and two, I hope to inspire through my experiences, photos and anecdotes.

I have seven months before I start my trip around the world (RTW). My departure date is June 5, 2017. So, stay tuned for planning strategies, travel equipment ideas, fears, doubts, and excitement.